My Garcinia Cambogia Extract Experience

losing weightI don’t post very often but a recent experience has led me to get out my figurative pen and get writing.

As you probably know I’m a reasonably fit 40 year old guy but like anyone of my age I wouldn’t mind dropping 5 to 7 pounds of fat. I’m not overweight but I want to be more shredded. Vain I know:)

I decided to set out a plan to lose this belly fat which included uping my cardio a bit and I decided to get some sort of boost from a healthy herbal type pill. Originally I was thinking of some sort of caffeine pill which are known to help speed up your metabolism although as a non-coffee drinker I was looking for something else.

Cut a long story short I came across something called garcinia cambogia which is a fruit that has weight loss properties according to various studies and TV celebrity and Doctor, DR Oz.

I was skeptical as I’m sure you would be but decided to give it try, if it didn’t work it would cost me $40 or something (actually ended up only costing me $25).

I did 15 minutes of research and found out HCA is the crucial component of the weight loss pill and its this that burns belly fat and acts as an appetite suppressant.

I noticed some suppliers offered 50% HCA and others offered 60% so I looked for one who offered 60%. I also wanted one who gave a big daily allowance, some sell 1500mg a day while others offer 3000mg.

My final thing was I wanted it to be natural so no extra junk thrown in, they call these fillers and binders. I didn’t like the sound of binders so I steered clear of those.

Also because I’m on the careful side I wanted a good price.

The Garcinia Cambogia I chose had good reviews and had the 60% HCA and no fillers or binders I was after. I bought the pure garcinia cambogia from Amazon so i know I was safe with it.  The brand was Natural Nutrition Labs but I’ve linked above the the reviews and the product page.  I think it’s fairly new but it had good reviews, incidentally I tried to leave a review twice but it never shows up so I must be doing something wrong.

You have to take the pills before meals which sometimes I forgot.  However they did work for me I felt less hungry and along with my exercise I lost 6 pounds in four weeks which I thought was great considering I didn’t have much to lose in the first place.  I’ll spare you a pic of my belly but you might want to check it out.