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How to Navigate the World of Garcinia Cambogia Manufacturers

compassIf you’re interested in providing some support for your weight loss and fitness regimen with a high-quality herbal supplement, you’ve probably heard of, considered, or even tried garcinia cambogia thanks to the wild popularity it’s gained lately. However, not every single garcinia manufacturer is created equal; in fact you could end up doing yourself more harm than good if you choose the wrong product. Here’s how to minimize your risk of picking up a garcinia cambogia supplement that’s not the right one for you.

Never Trust A Label

The sad truth is that you simply can’t believe everything you read, and when it comes to the labels on garcinia cambogia products this goes double. The reason you have to take every ingredients list with a hefty grain of salt is that garcinia cambogia is considered a herbal supplement, and that means it’s not regulated by government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration; in other words there’s no standardization requirements that need to be met by a manufacturer before they’re permitted to sell one of their products. It’s more or less like the Wild West out there, and that includes those slick snake oil salesmen who pack their supposed wonder cures with all sorts of completely useless and in some cases even possibly harmful fillers and by-products that have no place in an herbal supplement, much less the human body. There are of course plenty of manufacturers out there that are selling quality products, but with such a saturated field – especially when it comes to weight loss supplements – just hoping that your manufacturer is one of the good guys simply isn’t enough.

Luckily, There’s A Way Around It

Fortunately for anyone out there that wants to get fit, lose weight, and do it in a safe manner there are impartial third-party organizations out there dedicated to providing consumers the most accurate information on herbal supplement products, how effective they really are, and what’s actually inside that little tablet or capsule you’re thinking of taking. The garcinia cambogia market is no different, and since it’s become so popular there are consumer advisory websites such as that specialize in giving you the straight dope on any number of manufacturers and their products. Review websites do more than report on what’s actually in a given product though; they also feature in-depth consumer reviews and ratings written by real people who have used the products before, and you can easily see at a glance which product has the best feedback without having to risk taking it yourself blindly. Do yourself a favor and be smart about your garcinia cambogia product; visit a consumer review site before you throw away your money on a sub-standard product made by a shady manufacturer.

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How to Find the Best Nutritional Supplement For You

tape measureIf you’re thinking about adding a nutritional supplement to your diet or workout routine, you’re showing the kind of foresight and well-rounded approach that will help you reach your fitness goals much more quickly than otherwise. However, you need to know that you’re taking the best and safest supplement on the market and not risking your health with a poorly-manufactured one, so here’s how to find the best supplement for you.

A Perfect Example

It can be an arduous process finding the best supplement. For example, finding the best garcinia cambogia supplement might sound like an impossible task at first. There are so many different manufacturers out there that offer a garcinia cambogia extract, and not a single one of them uses the same production methods or the same fillers and additives, so you can easily be left feeling like finding the best product with the purest extraction and without any potentially harmful additives or additional ingredients is something akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, there are ways to locate the best supplement for you – and all you need to do is sit down at your computer.

The Internet Is Your Best Tool

The internet is an amazing resource when it comes to finding information. Nowadays you can find almost anything you want or need to know if you’ve got enough time on your hands and you know your way around a search engine. Finding information on the products nutritional supplement manufacturers have for sale is no different, and you can easily uncover the truth about the ingredients of any garcinia cambogia product you’re thinking of adding to your supplement regime.

Always Get a Second – or Third – Opinion

When it comes to a specific product, you may be tempted to simply visit the manufacturer’s webpage and see what they have to say about it themselves. This might sound like a good idea at first, but you’re getting a decidedly one-sided view of the product if this is the only approach you make; sure, you’ll get to read some cleverly crafted marketing copy, but you’re not going to get a fully-realized view of the product unless you go to an impartial third-party site. Luckily there are many websites out there dedicated to comparing nutritional products to one another and calling out their advantages and disadvantages. There are sites that handle specific supplements like garcinia cambogia and there are more generalized sites that cover a wide range of supplements, but wherever you go, rest assured that you’re doing the right thing in investigating on your own.

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3 Ways to Stay On Your Diet

peaIt can be quite a struggle sometimes if you’re trying to lose weight by changing your dietary habits. Weight you’ve put on in the past never comes off as quickly or easily, and you can easily become frustrated and disappointed in your performance, slipping into the type of despair that sees you discarding your diet and falling back on your old ways. However, there are plenty of ways to stay motivated and keep up with your diet; here are three good ideas that may help you.

Don’t Do It Alone

Trying to keep yourself on a diet – especially one that is wildly different than how you were eating before – is always a challenge, and doing it by yourself can be an isolating experience. Instead of going it alone, consider enlisting the help of a friend or family member who’s also trying to lose weight. If you don’t have anyone you know like that in your life, there are several websites out there with diet plans, like the excellent that can offer support and tips on sticking with your weight loss goals that will be much more helpful to you than just soldiering on by yourself.

Mix It Up

Variety is the spice of life, and when you don’t have enough of it even the tastiest meal will soon become bland and unappetizing. If you’re having trouble sticking with a very restrictive diet, you’re not alone: most people have the same struggle. Highly regimented diets tend to not work because people on them lose their patience and tire of having the same thing every day for weeks and months, so make sure that your diet of choice features enough variety to keep yourself from getting bored.

Take a Break

If you fall off the wagon one night, don’t immediately resign yourself to failure. Instead, chalk the experience up to a much-needed break from your dietary regimen. Weight loss is closer to a marathon than a sprint, and one evening spent eating the wrong types of foods doesn’t have nearly as much impact as how you spent the rest of the week eating healthy and responsibly. Now, you shouldn’t spend two weeks straight “on break” and then expect to be able to blithely go back to your diet – doing so only makes your life that much harder, not to mention erases all your hard work prior to that – but one day every few weeks won’t hurt. In fact it might make sticking to that diet even easier!

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My Garcinia Cambogia Extract Experience

losing weightI don’t post very often but a recent experience has led me to get out my figurative pen and get writing.

As you probably know I’m a reasonably fit 40 year old guy but like anyone of my age I wouldn’t mind dropping 5 to 7 pounds of fat. I’m not overweight but I want to be more shredded. Vain I know:)

I decided to set out a plan to lose this belly fat which included uping my cardio a bit and I decided to get some sort of boost from a healthy herbal type pill. Originally I was thinking of some sort of caffeine pill which are known to help speed up your metabolism although as a non-coffee drinker I was looking for something else.

Cut a long story short I came across something called garcinia cambogia which is a fruit that has weight loss properties according to various studies and TV celebrity and Doctor, DR Oz.

I was skeptical as I’m sure you would be but decided to give it try, if it didn’t work it would cost me $40 or something (actually ended up only costing me $25).

I did 15 minutes of research and found out HCA is the crucial component of the weight loss pill and its this that burns belly fat and acts as an appetite suppressant.

I noticed some suppliers offered 50% HCA and others offered 60% so I looked for one who offered 60%. I also wanted one who gave a big daily allowance, some sell 1500mg a day while others offer 3000mg.

My final thing was I wanted it to be natural so no extra junk thrown in, they call these fillers and binders. I didn’t like the sound of binders so I steered clear of those.

Also because I’m on the careful side I wanted a good price.

The Garcinia Cambogia I chose had good reviews and had the 60% HCA and no fillers or binders I was after. I bought the pure garcinia cambogia from Amazon so i know I was safe with it.  The brand was Natural Nutrition Labs but I’ve linked above the the reviews and the product page.  I think it’s fairly new but it had good reviews, incidentally I tried to leave a review twice but it never shows up so I must be doing something wrong.

You have to take the pills before meals which sometimes I forgot.  However they did work for me I felt less hungry and along with my exercise I lost 6 pounds in four weeks which I thought was great considering I didn’t have much to lose in the first place.  I’ll spare you a pic of my belly but you might want to check it out.



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